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Image by Samuel Branch


Executive Advisor for a Department of Defense wide health care system serving over 1M patients via 26,000 staff and an annual budget of $1.3B across over 100 hospitals, clinics and medical facilities worldwide. 

Designed and implemented all software and hardware components for a laser microdissection microscope project valued at over 1.2 million dollars.

Founded and grew a technology business to a valuation of 11m in four years. Led an international development team, operating remotely which developed 3 solution offerings that consisted of software as a service, telehealth and human resource management. Managed the creation of all marketing, collateral, sales material, sales training, account mapping, and targeted sales, exceeding all growth targets. 

Successfully managed multiple agency wide programs including equal opportunity, sexual assault prevention and victim advocate programs, equal opportunity programs, antiterrorism programs, emergency response, anti-drug and urinalysis testing through all life cycles.

Managed a staff of over 50 police officers operating in three states. Provided staffing solutions to ensure maximum patrol coverage with efficient personnel usage. 

Wrote detailed plans, policy and orders that were adopted on both a local and regional level across the National Capital Region. 

Staff Antiterrorism Officer providing all-hazards public  health watch operations support, and coordination to support  actual emergency situations such as bioterrorism, technological,  radiological, chemical, environmental, and natural disasters that  threaten public health and safety. 

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